Project 185

Thomasville Center for the Arts asked me  and 5 other artists to create a small mural for their theme: “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”.  Of course, I was chosen to paint one of the “train” pieces.   We chose an image from the Thomasville Historical Society, and a 6′ x 4′ sheet of plywood and instructed to paint in any style we chose, just to reference the image we had chosen. Our ideas were approved, and we had one week to finish our mural.  Keep in mind that these panels were set up at Grassroots Coffee on Broad Street.  One artist a week painted their board in the little “cubby” in the store.  I managed to work every evening, starting Monday, Feb. 1, and finally finished after working all day Saturday, Feb. 8th  at 9:00 pm.

Ladies Day Out“Ladies Day Out” 6′ x 4′, Acrylic and Ink

The Center surprised us by making our murals into postcards! The idea is that people will come in to Grassroots, fill out a postcard, and the Center will mail them all out after the last mural is finished, by the first week of March.  May I also add that Grassroots also rewarded us with $75.00 gift cards! Thank you so much, the coffee really came in handy!!!

Ladies Day Out in progressIn Progress: the lettering of the tickets and brochures took a lot of time!

Postcards are still available for all the murals in Grassroots; next time you’re in Thomasville, send one to a friend!

Ladies Day Out workspaceMy workspace: there is a nice little cove that our board was hung in while we painted.  After we finished, our boards were hung back on the walls in the main part of the store. 

Ladies Day Out workspace 2All of us actually had some people with families that came by most every night to watch our progress. What a fun experience!


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  1. Update: All of our paintings are up for auction at Grassroots! You can come by and place a silent bid up until May 21st! Some of our pieces already have a few bids. 🙂

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