I have been a part of the City of Thomasville, Georgia’s Center for the Arts’ FLAUNT show for the past 6 years. The past two years, the challenge is to design and paint 12′ x 16′ murals on canvas, to be distributed around downtown. The most recent FLAUNT, still up until Sept 30, uses the theme “Rock On!” My assigned artist was Gregg Allman. I decided to use a 3D approach – and was successful! Hope you enjoy.Here is another picture, showing the whole mural, taken from farther away. I provided 3D glasses so viewers can experience the 3D version, but I think the image also stands on it own.


This event was covered in several area newspapers, from Tallahassee to Cairo! I got a nice writeup in the Cairo Messenger, and they published a color version of the mural!

Gregg Allman 2

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